Ajay Rastogi is the Director of the Indian office of Viveka International in New Delhi.

Before joining Viveka, he has worked for over 18 years as manager in international organisations.

His expertise lies inter alia at the interface of trade and environment as well as business and ethics.

In his workshops and trainings on team building, leadership and strategic development, Ajay Rastogi uses a fascinating blend of Western management tools and contemporary philosophy on the one hand and Indian philosophy and wisdom on the other. To him, professionals today do not lack skills, capacity or motivation but a "second layer" of qualities that are with most leaders yet to be developed. Team-building workshops, strategy sessions and change management processes facilitated by Ajay revolve around a deepening of the understanding of genuine ‘self interest’ and reasonableness in ‘team spirit’ and on the qualities to be mastered by excellent leaders of outperforming teams

Ajay has a master’s degree in Applied Ethics, besides a range of other international courses in the field of environment, fair-trade and corporate social responsibility.  Ajay is a yoga and meditation practitioner for many years. He combines these techniques effectively in the workshop programme. He also facilitates an exclusive ‘Yoga Wellness’ programme offered at the Viveka Centre located in a pristine Himalayan setting near Ranikhet, India.